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Application fiable
2.3 - 2.3.2+
Version Android
4.8.5(31-03-2016)Version :
(4730 Avis)

Description de KingRoot

Unlock the full potential of your Android device with KingRoot!

Do you wish to have full access to all the features of your phone or tablet and make most of what they have to offer? KingRoot is just what you need!

KingRoot makes things simple. It allows you to root your device without the need of a computer. Suddenly, rooting your phone becomes much less of an issue and all you have to do is install this app and hit “Root”. No need for external help, extra devices, a million different menus and complicated options. Hit a button and it’s all done for you!

With a rooted phone, you can keep it clean and get rid of all the pre-installed apps that you never use or asked for. Become more aware of what’s inside your phone and do things your way.

Not only this but KingRoot also allows you to control which apps start automatically when the phone is turned on. It’s all about giving you total control.

The advantage of having an Android phone is that you can personalize and control everything that happens inside it for a better and smarter user experience.

KingRoot gives you the help you need to take full advantage of the device you own. Don’t worry about a thing, KingRoot will take care of it all for you.

KingRoot - Version 4.8.5

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Super Application GarantieCette application a réussi le test de sécurité contre les virus, les logiciels malveillants et autres attaques et ne contient aucune menace.

KingRoot - Information APK

Version APK: 4.8.5Package: com.kingroot.kinguser
Compatibilité Android: 2.3 - 2.3.2+ (Gingerbread)
Nom: KingRootTaille: 9 MBTéléchargements: 2MVersion : : 4.8.5Date de sortie: 2019-08-12 17:40:34Écran mini: SMALLCPU pris en charge:
ID du package: com.kingroot.kinguserSignature SHA1: 3F:1B:86:A4:23:66:66:C9:5D:FC:88:93:87:61:2E:0D:81:0E:A9:77Développeur (CN): kingrootOrganisation (O): kingroot工作室Localisation (L): BeijingPays (C): CNÉtat/ville (ST): Beijing